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I've started on the road map for the CH310M reaction, but to clarify, are we supposed to bring it to class friday to turn in as a graded assignment?

The roadmaps are a study aid, to be used by you to succeed in the class. We will not be asking for you to turn them in. In fact, you should make it VERY large, the size of a poster, and place it where you can see it often.



Will there be a recitation this sunday? I could not find Stevan's email to ask him.

Yes, all recitations have started. Please come to them!!



I went to Garen's review session on Monday. He told us that there is a nucleophile sheet from the old CH310M website but I can't find it--not sure if I'm looking in the right place. Where can it be found?

This decision map refers to the following table:


I went to class last week and we received a thick course packet. I am not sure exactly what this is for? Are we to do it on our own?

Great question. You will use those to simplify lecture note taking later in the semester. I will explain this on Friday. Thanks for reminding me!!



> I remember in class you showed us a table for NMR functional groups.
> Is there a way we can get those tables to practice with before exams?
> Also can you recommend some additional practice synthesis problems for
> us to work on??

The tables are Figure 13.8 (pg. 486) and Appendix 4 (pg. A-4, at the end of the book) from the textbook. As for the synthesis problems, you should go to the "problems" recitation on Tuesdays from 5-6:30.