Homework Problem Sets

The answers to the homework problem sets will be posted here. The links will become active after the homework sets have been turned in. They are due on the date shown BEFORE CLASS BEGINS. No exceptions. When class begins, you can no longer turn in your homework. Boxes will be available for you to turn in your completed homeworks. They will be graded and returned. The points you earn will amount to extra credit that is added to your next exam grade as T-score points or Percentage points, whichever is in your best interest. For exam grades that are dropped, the homework points are dropped as well.

Set 1) Assigned August 29, Due September 7 (download a pdf file)

Set 2) Assigned September 12, Due September 19 (download a pdf file)

This is practice, do not turn this in (download a pdf file)

Exam 1

Set 3) Assigned September 28, Due October 3 (download a pdf file)

Set 4) Assigned October 3, Due October 12 (download a pdf file)

Set 5) Assigned October 12, Due October 19 (download a pdf file)

This is alkene reaction practice, do not turn this in (download a pdf file)

Exam 2

Set 6) Assigned October 26, Due October 31 (download a pdf file)

Set 7) Assigned October 31, Due November 7 (download a pdf file)

3rd Midterm Practice, do not turn this in (download a pdf file)

Synthesis questions discussed in class on 11-16-12

Exam 3

Set 8) Assigned November 21, Due November 28 (download a pdf file)

Set 9) Assigned November 28, Due December 7 (download a pdf file)

Reaction Practice Homework