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This is a worksheet to help organize the reactions that we cover over this semester.  The object of this worksheet is to simply condense the information in a central location (overall chemical transformation, reagents used, and reaction mechanism).  The left column of boxes is used for drawing a representative chemical transformation.  The middle column of boxes is used to describe the reagents used and any sort of notes that help for the reaction.  The third column of long boxes is used to draw out a sample mechanism for that reaction.  Notice that at the bottom, you can add the KRE’s for each reaction, which are going to be very useful for this semester!

Once you have a completed worksheet of all the reactions for an exam, then you can use this in conjunction with your roadmap (which shows how these reactions can be stringed together) by seeing representative transformations as well as mechanisms for the reactions involved (and any nuances for specific reagents).  Hope this helps out with studying!

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