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Mechanism Sheet Videos

These are videos made with a voice over explaining the mechanism. They are designed to help you understand mechanisms as you fill in the mechanism sheets from class.

Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution 4-27-17

Nomenclature: How to Name Structures 2-10-17

Cyclic Hemiacetals: Importance of Adding Numbers 2-9-17

Lewis Acid-Lewis Base Complexes, Dative Bonds 2-7-17

Don't Do This TA Edition 1-31-17

Tour of the class website 2017

Office Hour/Exam Schedule and Grading

Reduction of Esters with LiAlH4

Beta-dicarbonyl enolate sterics

When to use NaOH vs. NaOEt

What is meant by "H3O+"

Balancing an equation for the Claisen reaction

What is up with -OH, -OEt and LDA in enolate reactions? (mistake on the last page edition)! Click here to see the corrected version of the -OH, -OEt and LDA in enolate reaction video

Problem 1.1

Problem 1.6

Problem 1.14

Figure 2.9

Figures Chapter 4