9-10 AM



Office Hours

Amy Smith

WEL 4.132B

10-11 AM

Office Hours

Diana Zamora

TA Area B

4-5 PM

"Missed the Wave" Recitation

Brian Ikkanda

WEL 2.224

Office Hours

Brent Iverson

WEL 2.304

Office Hours

Wenzong Li

TA Area B

5-6 PM

Office Hours

Brian Ikkanda

TA Area B

Office Hours

Mary Kim

TA Area B

Office Hours

Brent Iverson

WEL 2.312

6:30-7:30 PM

"Practice Problems" Recitation

All TA's

WEL 2.122


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Special Finals Week Office Hours by the TA's

Mon, Dec 10, 3-4PM - Wenzong (TA Office Area B)

Mon, Dec 10, 5-6PM - Diana (TA Office Area B)
Tue, Dec 11, 4-5PM - Cameron (TA Office Area B)
Tue, Dec 11, 5-6PM - Mary (TA Office Area B)
Wed, Dec 12, 5-6PM - Amy (TA Office Area C)
Fri, Dec 14, 1-2PM - Brian (TA Office Area C)

In Addition, Dr. Iverson will have Special Office Hours:

Tue, Dec 11, 12:30-1:30PM WEL 1.308 (Note new room)

Thur, Dec 13, 5-6PM WEL 3.502

Office Hours - this is where all of your questions will be answered and where you can get help with homework.

Dr. Brent Iverson Office Hours: Tuesday 4 -5 PM Room: WEL 2.304 Thursday 5 - 6 PM Room: WEL 2.312 (Note these are not my real offices, they are classrooms)

Teaching Assistant: Brian Ikkanda Recitation: Monday 4-5 PM "Missed the Wave Recitation" Room: Welch 2.224 Office hours: Monday 5-6 PM, Room: TA Office Area B

Teaching Assistant: Amy Smith Office Hour: Wednesday 9-10 AM Room: Old Library (Welch 4.132B)

Teaching Assistant: Diana Zamora Office Hour: Tuesday 10-11 AM Room: TA Office Area B

Teaching Assistant: Mary Kim Office Hour: Tuesday 5-6 PM Room: TA Office Area B

Teaching Assistant: Wenzong Li Office Hour: Thursday 4-5 PM Room: TA Office Area B

Teaching Assistant: Cameron Peebles Facebook page TA

Weekly Recitation Sessions - these will be additional lectures given by the TA's. They will be designed to present the lecture material in a different context, from the point of view of the TA's, with the aim of helping you absorb the material and understand all of the key points.

Monday 4-5 PM Room: WEL 2.224 Brian Ikkanda "Missed the Wave Recitation" . This recitation is specifically reserved for those of you who feel you may be struggling. This recitation will encourage questions of all levels, especially older material that you are still uncertain about. If you are feeling comfortable with the material being presented in class, you should NOT attend this recitation. If you think you need to improve your background knowledge, this is specifically for you!

Tuesday 6:30-7:30 PM Room:WEL 2.122 Rotating scheduleof TA's presenting "Practice Problems Recitation" This recitation will focus on working problems so that you will become familiar with the format and expected answers for the types of questions asked on exams.

Review Sessions - I will be leading these review sessions which will be designed to help you as much as possible prepare for the exams.

Optional review sessions for the mid-term examinations will be given the Monday evening before each exam at on the following days and times:

Monday, September 24 Room: WEL 2.224 8:00 - 10:00 PM

Tuesday, October 23 Room: WEL 2.122 8:00 - 10:00 PM (Note room change)

Monday, November 12 Room: WEL 2.224 8:00 - 10:00 PM

An optional review session for the final will be given: TBA