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The following sheets should be brought to lecture to simplify note taking. After each sheet is listed the date it was covered in lecture. If there is no date, it was not covered yet!

Hybridization Handout used in the 5th lecture

Alkane Nomenclature

How to Convert Flat Drawings to Chairs (Up is Up, Down is Down)

2 Chiral Centers

Mechansim Flowchart

Roadmap Template Office Hour 11-2-17

Roadmap Filled-in Office Hour 11-2-17

Table of Nucleophiles/Bases and Substitution - Elimination Decision Map

Scan of Filled-in Mechanism Sheets

TA Chris' Complete Filled-in Roadmap

TA Chris' SN2 Roadmap

Complete catalog of mechanism sheets including a detailed explanation of mechanisms (this is a 45 page pdf)

NMR fundamentals you need to know from leccture 12-4-17

NMR fundamentals part 2 from 12-6-17

Individual mechanism sheets.

An explanation of mechanisms

H-X Addition to an Alkene

Acid-Catalyzed Hydration of an Alkene

Cation Rearrangement

Alkene Halogenation

Alkene Hydrohalogenation



Stereochemistry Handout 1

Stereochemistry Handout 2

Osmium Tetroxide



Terminal Alkyne Hydroboration

Na/Ammonia Alkyne Reduction

Alkane Free Radical Halogenation

Allylic Free Radical Halogenation

Non-Markovnikov Addition of HBr to Alkenes)

SN2 Mechanism

E2 Mechanism

SN1 / E1 Mechanism

Substitution vs Elimination Decision Map

Alcohols Reacting with HX

Alcohols Reacting with PBr3

Alcohol Dehydration

Chromic Acid Oxidation of Alcohols

Acid-Catalyzed Addition of an Alcohol to an Alkene

Epoxide Formation

Acid-catalyzed Epoxide Reaction

Base-promoted Epoxide Reaction

Chemistry in the Context of Complex Molecules A

Chemistry in the Context of Complex Molecules B

Summary of First Semester Reactions